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Buy Fuel Rims

One of the child brands of the MHT Luxury Alloys family, Fuel Off-Road, delivers premium quality wheels designed and manufactured for those who want to conquer wild terrain and explore new horizons. Together with its sister brands Foose, Rotiform, Niche, DUB and U.S. Mags, Fuel aims to crate new trends rather than follow other people's footsteps, and it spares no effort to produce custom rims that feature uppermost durability and impressive design. From stock to lifted, dually to trophy truck, Fuel Off-Road provides off-road aficionados with the most premium wheels on the market today.

buy fuel rims

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Manufactured from stellar materials, Fuel Off-Road rims are computer-measured for bolt-patterns and size before being cast. The alloy is melted down, cooled, and trimmed. The wheel is then given its final design, heat-treated once again, checked for imperfections, and given the finish. As cast rims are not as dense as forged wheels, they are usually designed larger and heavier in order to achieve the required structural strength. To verify each fitment and design, Fuel Off-Road engineers utilize only the latest advanced processing methods and technologies.

Fuel Off-Road rims come in a wide range of finish options, such as chrome, gloss and matte black, black milled, bronze, polished, and more. Each wheel is a bold accent that can add a new dimension to the appearance of any truck or SUV. Fuel wheels are also made from superior quality materials that are highly resistant to corrosion and are sure to withstand the harshest driving conditions. Each and every wheel is designed and machined exactly to vehicle specifications to guarantee each wheel sits centric to the hub of the automobile, ensuring optimum performance.

Fuel Off-Road offers one-piece and two-piece wheels. The one-piece rim is just like it sounds. It's cast from a single mold to construct a substantial one-piece wheel. The two-piece construction rims are cast in a similar manner but as two separate components, the center section and the outer, rim portion. The outer and center rims are then bolted together once all of the machining and finishing processes are complete. The advantage of a two-piece construction is that it allows for a finish variance / contrast between the center and the rim. This lets the manufacturer to provide multiple finish and color options that are simply not achievable with a one-piece wheel. On the other hand, a one-piece rim is much more durable and lightweight. It's also less prone to mechanical failure.

For wheels with the most style, function, and innovation, look no further than Fuel Off-Road. Lightweight yet strong enough to handle any type of terrain, Fuel rims are manufactured to give a killer look and exceptional durability. They're build from the ultra-grade alloy to ensure the quality and efficiency you're looking for. Whether you get Fuel Hostage wheels, Fuel Maverick wheels, Fuel Octane wheels, or any other Fuel Off-Road custom rims, your truck or SUV is guaranteed to get the look that turns heads and melts hearts. The company offers the most advanced off-road wheels and leaves no rock unturned in their drive to bring you the latest in design and function. Transform your vehicle into a rolling masterpiece with a set of eye-catching and extremely rugged Fuel Off-Road wheels.

The Fuel Wheels lineup is just what customer have been looking for when it comes to edgy, and aggressive truck rim styling. Brought to market to do battle with the xd wheels line up of truck rims, the fuel wheels have won 4x4 truck enthusiasts with their strength and style. Sophisticated manufacturing techniques have the Fuel wheels recognized as not only being superior in quality, but affordable in pricing. Match those combinations with popular finishes like flat black rims, black chrome rims, and even all black rims, and you have the meanest looking truck rims on the market.

Many lifted truck enthusiasts love the Fuel Wheels brand because the custom sizing can accommodate truck tires by BF Goodrich, Nitto, and Good year tires. The most aggressive looking wheel and tire packages have been making statements and winning fans when it comes to the 4x4 truck crowd. If the blacked out look doesn't appeal to your tastes, then perhaps their chrome rims are more your style. Want a combination of the two, then look no further than the black and machined fuel wheel finishes. No matter what look you're going for on your 4x4 truck, Fuel wheels have a rim that will not only compliment your vehicle, but make a statement.

If you are seeking clarification on Fuel Wheel fitments or creating wheel and tire packages, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives at 1-877-382-2007. takes a back seat to no online company selling rims for sale! When it comes to offering the best off road wheels at the best possible price, has the competition beat! Want to further your savings, feel free to ask our representative's about our tire sales and tire crazy. 041b061a72

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