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Numerical reasoning tests are standardised psychometric assessment tools that help Revolut determine a candidate's ability to work with numbers and graphs, make good decisions and draw conclusions based on numerical or statistical data. The tests simulate the work environment and goals of a prospective employee. Try our Free sample Numerical reasoning test.

revolut test answers.pdf

Verbal reasoning tests allow Revolut to determine a candidate's ability to perceive and analyse verbal information and to draw conclusions. Free sample Verbal tests are available to practice here and here.

Logical (inc. Diagrammatic and Inductive ) reasoning tests are designed to assess the candidate's ability to work with abstract information. Revolut Logical assessment may consist of special diagrams, geometric shapes and other lined-up images, where a candidate has to continue the row in a logically correct way. Here you can practice a Free sample Logical test, a Free sample Diagrammatic test, and a Free sample Inductive test.

Situational judgement tests consist of short simulated scenarios that define a working style and assess specific tasks in a working environment. Revolut Situational tests are used to assess applicants' competencies, communication skills, motivation, and preferred styles of problem-solving. Try our Free sample Situational judgement test before taking the real one.

Mechanical reasoning tests are designed to assess candidates' critical and abstract thinking skills important for engineering and science-related positions at Revolut. Free sample Mechanical test.

To prevent cheating, successful candidates are often required to sit a second test in-person. The results are compared to the initial test and if they are vastly different, alarm bells will ring.

The numerical and inductive tests consist of 10 questions to be answered in 10 minutes, while the verbal test consists of 10 questions to be answered in 5 minutes (although there is no timer on the test itself).

If those were useful, you may also like to try WikiJob's psychometric tests app, available for both Apple and Android, which includes 10 numerical tests and 8 verbal tests. The tests include a timer and worked solutions at the end.

It is possible to cheat on an SHL test by asking somebody else to complete the test on your behalf, taking the test with assistance from other people or trying to access the SHL test question bank to prepare your answers in advance.

Putting in plenty of practice is important if you want to achieve the best possible score. This will help you to work quickly and accurately. You will also be able to identify the areas that you find most difficult and allocate more preparation time to those sections of the test.

Answer the SHL personality test questions truthfully and honestly, as this will provide the most accurate representation of your personality. Before taking the test, spend some time thinking about your personality attributes and traits and how these relate to the job role you are applying for.

SHL produces a range of psychometric tests. SHL tests are designed to assess diagrammatic, numerical and verbal reasoning abilities. Speed, accuracy and overall test results are used to compare candidates within a norm group. SHL test results are an important part of the hiring process for many recruiters and employers.

It has a team of leading industry experts. The tests at SHL are developed by experienced I/O psychologists and scientists. They use more than 45 billion data points and advanced assessment science to create their products. Through analysing over 9,000 successful leaders, as well as collecting real workplace data, they have identified key traits that lead to success. 041b061a72

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