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How Aslixan Onlar Became a Trending Hit in Azerbaijan

Aslixan Onlar Boxca: A Review of the Controversial Song by the Azerbaijani Rapper


If you are a fan of rap music, you might have heard of Aslixan, a young and talented rapper from Azerbaijan. He is known for his provocative and outspoken lyrics, as well as his unique and experimental style. He has released several albums and singles, but one of his most popular and controversial songs is Onlar, which means "They" in Azerbaijani.

Onlar is a song that criticizes the society and the music industry in Azerbaijan, as well as some of the famous artists and celebrities. It is a bold and daring song that does not shy away from expressing Aslixan's opinions and feelings. It is also a song that has sparked a lot of debate and controversy among the listeners and the critics.

aslixan onlar boxca

In this article, we will review the song Onlar by Aslixan, and analyze its lyrics, music, and impact. We will explore the main themes and messages of the song, as well as its genre, style, production, quality, reception, and feedback. We will also evaluate the song and its relevance for the rap music scene in Azerbaijan and beyond.

Analysis of the song

The lyrics and their meaning

The lyrics of Onlar are written in Azerbaijani, with some words and phrases in English. They are composed of a chorus that is repeated four times, and four verses that vary in length and content. The lyrics are rich in metaphors, similes, allusions, references, rhymes, wordplay, slang, and humor. They are also full of criticism, sarcasm, irony, anger, frustration, defiance, pride, and confidence.

The chorus and its significance

The chorus of Onlar is as follows:

Bu mia kamikaze! (4)

De biz ağ zəncilər

Lənətə gəlmiş ağ zəncilər

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This translates to:

This is mia kamikaze! (4)

Say we are white blacks

Cursed white blacks

The chorus is catchy and memorable, as it uses repetition, rhyme, contrast, and shock value. It also summarizes the main idea of the song, which is that Aslixan and his crew are different from the rest of the society and the music industry. They are white blacks, meaning that they are influenced by black culture, especially rap music. They are also cursed white blacks, meaning that they are marginalized, discriminated against, misunderstood, and hated by many people.

The verses and their critique of the society and the music industry

The verses of Onlar are where Aslixan unleashes his critique of the society and the music industry in Azerbaijan. He addresses various issues such as corruption, hypocrisy, ignorance, greed, superficiality, plagiarism, mediocrity, conformity, censorship, oppression, exploitation, violence, injustice, inequality, poverty, pollution, etc. He also targets some specific artists and celebrities who he considers to be fake, [assistant](#message) copied, sellouts, traitors, clowns, or enemies. He names them or refers to them indirectly, using insults, mockery, or sarcasm. Some of the people he mentions or alludes to are: - - Emin, a veteran rapper who is considered to be the godfather of Azerbaijani rap and who has collaborated with Aslixan in the past. - Nigar Jamal, a singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 with Eldar Gasimov, representing Azerbaijan. - Elza Seyidcahan, a singer who is known for her patriotic and romantic songs. - Huseyn Abdullayev, a composer and pianist who is famous for his instrumental music. - Abbas Bagirov, a singer and actor who is popular for his pop and folk songs. - Qalib Taleh, a rapper who is Aslixan's rival and who has dissed him in several songs. The references and the influences

The lyrics of Onlar also contain many references and influences from various sources, such as: - Mia Kamikaze, a song by the American rapper Eminem, which is also a diss track against several artists and critics. - Nicki Minaj, a Trinidadian-American rapper and singer who is known for her colorful and eccentric style and her hit songs. - Jean-Claude Van Damme, a Belgian actor and martial artist who is famous for his action movies and his splits. - Bozbash Pictures, a comedy show on Azerbaijani television that features sketches and parodies of various topics and characters. - Barrel, a nightclub in Baku where Aslixan performed some of his songs. - Maral, a Turkish drama series that aired on Azerbaijani television and was popular among the viewers. The music and its impact

The music of Onlar is composed of a simple and catchy beat that consists of drums, bass, piano, and synthesizer. The beat is produced by Noton, who is also featured in the song as a backup vocalist. The music matches the tone and the mood of the lyrics, as it creates a contrast between the upbeat and energetic rhythm and the dark and angry words. The music also enhances the impact of the song, as it makes it more appealing and accessible to the listeners.

The genre and the style

The genre of Onlar is rap or hip hop, which is a form of music that originated in the United States in the 1970s and that involves rhythmic and rhyming speech over a musical background. Rap is one of the most popular and influential genres of music in the world, as it reflects the culture, identity, and issues of various communities and groups. Rap is also a genre that allows for creativity, experimentation, and expression.

The style of Onlar is influenced by both local and global rap styles. Aslixan incorporates elements of Azerbaijani culture, language, history, politics, and society into his rap. He also draws inspiration from American rap artists such as Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Tupac Shakur, etc. He uses different techniques such as flow, delivery, rhyme scheme, wordplay, metaphors, etc. to create his rap. He also adapts his style to different audiences and contexts.

The production and the quality

The production of Onlar is done by Noton, who is also a rapper and a friend of Aslixan. Noton is responsible for creating the beat, mixing the vocals, mastering the sound, etc. The production of Onlar is simple but effective, as it does not overshadow or distract from the lyrics. The production also suits the genre and the style of the song.

The quality of Onlar is high, as it meets the standards of professional rap music. The quality of Onlar is evident in the clarity of the sound, the balance of the volume, the smoothness of the transitions, etc. The quality of Onlar also reflects the skills and the experience of Aslixan and Noton as rap artists.

The reception and the feedback

The reception of Onlar was mixed, as it received both positive and negative feedback from different sources. The positive feedback came from some fans, [assistant](#message) critics, and fellow rap artists who praised Aslixan for his courage, honesty, originality, and talent. They appreciated his critique of the society and the music industry, as well as his references and influences. They also enjoyed his lyrics, music, and style. The negative feedback came from some listeners, media outlets, and targeted artists and celebrities who criticized Aslixan for his disrespect, rudeness, arrogance, and provocation. They disliked his criticism of the society and the music industry, as well as his references and influences. They also disliked his lyrics, music, and style. The reception of Onlar also generated a lot of debate and controversy among the public and the media. Some people supported Aslixan and his song, while others opposed him and his song. Some people also tried to understand his perspective and his motives, while others dismissed him and his song. Some people also reacted to the song with humor, memes, parodies, remixes, etc. Conclusion

In conclusion, Onlar is a controversial song by the Azerbaijani rapper Aslixan that criticizes the soc

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