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Where Can I Buy A Flash Drive

Promotional USB Flash drives are an incredibly versatile marketing tool due to the seemingly infinite varieties of shapes, capacities, and formats. To a first time buyer, this can seem a bit overwhelming. Today we'll simplify the process by breaking down the most important factors to consider when purchasing your custom flash drives.

where can i buy a flash drive

Not all custom flash drives are created equal. This is especially true with regard to the memory chips that power your USBs. As the central component of your flash drives, ensuring your USBs are equipped with high-quality flash memory is the most important factor when purchasing.

Unfortunately, there are some bad actors in the memory market that supply low quality and even recycled memory chips. Typically these are used in cheap bulk order flash drives you may find on sites like Amazon or Alibaba. In the unfortunate case that you are sold drives with low-quality memory, the best scenario is your USBs read and write speeds suffer and their shelf life is greatly reduced. More likely, however, is that some or all of the drives will quickly become corrupted and cease to function.

Custom flash drives are available in a range of capacities, typically from 64MB to 128GB. Because your cost per drive will increase along with the storage capacity it's important to understand the amount of memory required for your project. To give a better idea of how much data a particular drive can hold we've created this table based on the average file sizes of various media types.

If your drives will be used exclusively as a promotional handout we usually recommend opting for at least 2GB in order for the recipient to have enough storage space to use the drives for an extended period of time. However, it's important to note that the larger a drive the higher its perceived value and the more likely a recipient will be to keep it around longer; allowing for more brand impressions. For more info on this topic, check out our blog on flash drive sizes!

While there are other USB chip formats available, the majority of custom flash drives are offered in USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. These two generations of USB's can each be broken down further into SLC, MLC, and TLC, which we covered in a previous post.

We won't bore you with the technical nitty-gritty, but the main takeaway is that USB 3.0 offers increased speed and reliability. While USB 2.0 is usually fine for simple projects using smaller capacity drives, we start recommending upgrades to USB 3.0 for any drives 8GB or larger. USB 3.0 drives become especially important if you plan on loading large or multiple files.

Once you've got the technical side of things figured out it's time to move onto the exterior of your drives. Starting with the style of your custom flash drives encasement. The primary points of consideration here are:

The print methods typically available for custom flash drives are printing (screen or digital), laser engraving, and heat stamping. When choosing a print method it is important to stay within your brand guidelines.

USB drive data services should be available through any reputable supplier. These services save time and resources for the client by making sure the drives arrive ready to distribute with all technical specifications met. Some common data services and descriptions are listed below, however, for a more complete catalog check out our Data Services Page.

When selecting packaging you'll want to go with a case that complements the style of your chosen drives. Keeping materials consistent is always a smart move i.e. wood drives with wood boxes, metal with metal, etc.

It should also be noted that most custom flash drive vendors operate on a sliding scale, i.e. the more drives you purchase the cheaper the cost per unit. Lastly, be sure to look out for hidden costs like setup fees, or inflated shipping charges.

So you've done your research, selected a seemingly reputable vendor, and designed the perfect drive inside and out. But before you place that order make sure you are being offered a reasonable warranty.

You've put time and effort into this project and it's important to make sure your back is covered should any of the drives malfunction. If your supplier is offering a short, or worse, no warranty there's a good chance it's because they know their drives weren't built to last.

Today, any business, small or large, can use personalized USB drives to promote its brand. Read our client stories. These real-life examples can help you learn why custom USB flash drives are a smart option for your organization. There are vast numbers of examples of how USB flash drives can help to promote your business!

Schools and universities use jump drives to share study guides with their students. For example, international university programs provide everything students need for visas and housing information on branded USB drives.

Our gallery of custom-shaped USB flash drives is sorted by industry. This guide will make shopping for personalized thumb drives easy and convenient, no matter what business you are in. You will indeed find in these shaped jump drives the perfect representation of your products and services.

Exclusively from Logotech, we have added USB people-shaped flash drives for our custom memory card collection. Individualize these exclusively designed human shapes for your business and industry. We can make them for any profession in any gender, skin tone, hair color, and uniform.

With your new business card USB drive, also called a credit card USB, you will make an unforgettable impression. These memory cards are slim enough to fit into a wallet or back pocket and offer full-color imprints.

USB flash drives are storage devices that use flash memory as a storage medium. They are connected to a computer or other reader via the USB interface. USB flash drives are removable, offer fast read and write speeds, are rewritable, and are physically much smaller than an optical disc.

Uses for USB drives include storage, transfer, data exchange, backup, and loading operating systems (Live USB). Usually, the device has an elongated shape and a cap that covers the plug. Sometimes a chain or loop is included for attaching to a key ring.

Modern flash drives come in a variety of sizes and ways of protecting the connector. They may have a "non-standard" appearance (army knife, watch, etc.) and various additional features (entering a pin code or fingerprint verification to access the flash drive, for example).

Flash drive and jump drive refer to the same storage device that connects to a USB port. There is no difference. They are also called thumb drives, pen drives, memory sticks, keychain drives, and USB drives.

The amount of data that a flash drive can hold depends on its storage capacity. Therefore, the memory capacity of a USB flash drive is one of the main criteria when choosing the right one for your business. Flash memory is measured in megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB), and terabytes (TB). Commonly, memory can range from 128MB to 2TB.

There are several ways we can apply the logo: laser engraving, debossing, or color printing. The application option depends on the material from which the USB flash drive is made, including plastic, metal, wood, acrylic, or PVC rubber.

You can print any logo, text, or image on bulk flash drives. Most models have two imprint areas so that you can put more information on them. Your organization, school, university, or club logo can be printed on one side and your contact details on the other.

The next step can be planning giveaways using bulk thumb drives. Customers are very attracted by the word "free." So using these branded USB flash drives as a freebie when customers purchase your products is a great idea.

The most important factor that affects the price of USB drives is the flash memory. If you buy in bulk, the wholesale price of custom USB Drives will be anywhere between $1.50 to $32.00 USD. Customization, shipping, and data preload are included in that price.

We sell factory direct, wholesale USB drives. As a wholesale supplier, we have control over every stage of the customization process. As a result, we can offer you free imprints and free data preload services along with free, fast delivery.

Our customer service is the best in the industry. Our Dedicated Account Managers know custom flash drives and will help you to find exactly what you need. In addition, they get to know you, your company, and what you want printed thumb drives to do for your business.

Logotech uses a revolutionary process to create 100% custom-shaped flash drives. They are made to represent whatever you need them to your business's top-selling product, shaped like your logo or designed to look like your CEO.

Ready to see your logo and branding on a custom USB flash drive? Please send us your logo now. Our graphic design team will get you a free, no-obligation digital sample of your product in no time.

USB flash drives emerged in 2000 as a new breed of storage device. These drives have enjoyed popularity because of their robust build quality and wide usage application. Flash drives have become so handy and ubiquitous that many keep them on their keychains or in their backpacks, purses and wallets. When looking to buy individual and bulk flash drives, there are a few things worth spending time to consider so you can get the most out of your purchases.

The Swivel Flash Drives are Blank and non-branded, ready for your business logo, customization, or left unbranded. They come in every size from 1GB-128GB. This is the economic choice for data usage and marketing! With a modern, sleek design, these inexpensive thumb drives are great for the data transferring you need. You can use them for company files, marketing material, or business conference documents and media on them. Attach them to a keychain or lanyard for easy access. Apply a sticker to easily keep track of what the flash drive contains.

These sleek flash drives are the economic choice for data usage and marketing! With a metal design that is small but sturdy, these inexpensive thumb drives are great for the data transferring you need. Attach them to a keychain or lanyard for easy access. Apply a sticker to easily keep track of what the flash drive contains. Choose from 2.0 speeds or 3.0 speeds for faster transfer on larger GBs! 041b061a72

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